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KoinKoin and SR Finanzmann Closed a $2 Million Funding Round in Boost to Corporate OTC Business

Introducing an exciting collaboration between KoinKoin and SR FINANZMANN: a significant milestone as we close a $2 million private funding round, bolstering our corporate OTC business for foreign exchange and digital assets.

This infusion of funds will fuel our expansion efforts, particularly in Africa, as we strive to address critical issues in the region. Notably, the total revenues for both companies have doubled from £72 million to almost £150 million between the financial years 2023 and 2024, setting the stage for further rapid growth and ambitious plans.

KoinKoin, tailored to meet the needs of the growing African market, offers customers in key operating countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya the ability to seamlessly buy, sell, and transfer digital assets. With our customer-centric approach and commitment to providing round-the-clock access to crypto assets, KoinKoin's platform stands out against competitors like and Coinbase.

To solidify our presence in Africa, we have strategically appointed Mimi Kufuor as COO of KoinKoin and completed our registration in Nigeria. These moves underscore our dedication to expansion and enhancing customer experience in the region.

As the founder, I am particularly optimistic about the future, emphasizing our aspirations to double revenue and expand across West Africa in 2024, reaffirming our commitment to reshaping the financial technology landscape.

Our COO Mimi Kufuor, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the exciting opportunities ahead as we strive to be at the forefront of the African FX market, catering to retail and corporate customers alike and advancing financial access and inclusion across the region. With this investment, we are poised for an exceptional year ahead, poised to tackle core issues and drive meaningful impact in Africa's financial ecosystem.

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