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KoinKoin! Strength in Security – A secure solution for your crypto Plantation

KoinKoin does not play around with your security and protection!

Lean in for a serious conversation

Let’s begin with a simple question -

“who would like their hard earned crypto harvest to be pillaged by wandering pilfering hands?”

Exactly! Nobody! Rest assured, the security architecture principles that govern your data, transaction and application integrity at KoinKoin leverage the best practices in cyber security and cutting edge crypto wallet services.

So let us shift our focus to the core components that make the KoinKoin Exchange strong, secure and durable in its quest to provide a sturdy digital asset farm.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA is used to strengthen the security of your KoinKoin account.

"With 2FA you aim to access a resource by going through a security system that requires two distinct forms of identification."

This is achieved by recruiting two types of information from the KoinKoin account holder; an active KoinKoin login and a KoinKoin system generated transaction token/code sent to the aforementioned account holder via a registered email address (where access to the user’s email address by best practice is also password protected). 2FA is designed to prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to an account and its attributes with nothing more than a stolen password.

VAULT by BitHolla

While 2FA serves as a robust set of keys to your estate,

"the BitHolla VAULT is a digital stronghold built on cutting edge technology that safeguards your crypto assets."

VAULT is the business crypto wallet service that BitHolla proudly provides. It is quintessentially a unified global crypto wallet that streamlines business operations and makes the user experience a secure and seamless one. It was designed specifically for transactions and operations built on the next financial system based on block-chain technology. VAULT caters for features such as the generation of multiple addresses for each account, programmable alert actions, support for a multi-crypto plantation with the sending and monitoring of transactions etc. all built on a solid and disaster proof infrastructure.

For the technologists amongst us, VAULT provides programmatic access with full RESTful APIs to create and manage your crypto wallets. It manages and sweeps all transactions with automatic deposit notification through web-hooks and takes out the complexity of block-chain for developers.

VAULT has been tested and vetted in the industry and by the KoinKoin team with the aim of providing the utmost protection for its treasured customers

Closing thoughts

"It is evident KoinKoin does not play with your security and neither should you! "

Best practices suggest that account holders should have separate passwords for all accounts that access the internet i.e. email accounts, KoinKoin accounts, bank accounts etc. End users taking further steps to secure their electronic devices with passwords and keeping said devices locked when they are inactive and or away is also recommended.

KoinKoin security enables you and together we can keep those wandering, pilfering hands where they belong……..

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