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Welcome to KoinKoin

Our continuing mission is to bolster small businesses and empower individuals with Blockchain tech.

KoinKoin is a Africa-focused digital assets exchange where fiat meets cryptocurrency. In a post-brexit and post-pandemic world, KoinKoin makes it easier for merchants and consumers to buy, sell and transfer digital assets across the U.K., Western Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.

The KoinKoin platform is available in the iOS App store as well as the Google Playstore thereby permitting users across multiple regions to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, stellar and akoin with local payment methods including credit/debit cards, mobile money, bank transfers and USSD.

The KoinKoin exchange is a highly secure platform, we urge all users to fully verify their details and apply two factor authentication to their accounts. Whilst we pride ourselves on our crypto custody wallets impenetrable security, KoinKoin also offers one of the first crypto custody insurance against theft, hacking and loss of access details.

What are you waiting for? Come on in and have a look. Join us and help make a Borderless Africa and a Borderless World a reality.

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